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An immediate problem

TEXEL Energy, in collaboration with the US Department of Energy, Savannah River National Laboratory, and Curtin University in Australia, is pioneering game-changing technologies to accelerate the transition to green energy. Our technologies are designed to compete directly with fossil fuels.

“Cost-effective and circular, our recyclable energy production and distribution systems are not just critical for creating a sustainable future; they are also essential for achieving global peace. Taking the right steps towards a fossil-free future has become a matter of both national and international security.”

– Lars Jacobsson, CEO & Founder TEXEL

Challenges in Energy

The adverse effects of fossil fuel reliance are now undeniable, with both scientific evidence and visible impacts on our planet confirming significant risks to our climate, biodiversity, and both national and international security. It is imperative that we shift towards cost-effective, scalable, and sustainable alternatives to halt the depletion of our planet’s resources. We must develop robust green energy solutions that ensure reliable energy supply, regardless of the time of day or weather conditions.

The unreliability of green energy production

Renewable energy, such as wind and solar power, need to be available even when the wind is not blowing, or the sun is not shining.

The unblance between production and demand of green energy

Peak production of green energy occurs during midday, while the highest demand of energy occurs in the afternoon and evening.

Energy production depending on fossil fuels

Today the energy systems are largely reliant on fossil fuels, leading to great vulnerability and enormous environmental impact.

Making energy solutions available

TEXEL is revolutionizing the energy landscape by making new solutions available. Our energy technologies offer cost-effective and sustainable options for energy production and distribution, featuring a range of invaluable benefits as detailed below:

Combined Technologies

Throughout the development of TEXEL and its various technological solutions, the central theme has been energy, with a focus on thermal energy and the capability to convert this into electricity. This has opened up a vast array of potential business areas for the company. There is a constant effort to evaluate these opportunities, which include energy storage from heat to heat, energy storage from heat to a combination of heat and electricity (CHP), combustion and conversion to heat and electricity of various biofuels, wood pellets, wood chips, and waste gases, as well as the conversion of industrial waste heat into energy.

Energy Storage

TEXEL's Energy Storage technology is being developed with scalability and near-complete recyclability in mind. It is designed to operate without consuming Earth's precious resources or rare earth minerals. Our system is distinguished by its minimal cyclic degradation, capable of storing energy for centuries with negligible losses. As a result, it meets not only today's energy storage needs but also acts as a safeguard for the long-term availability of minerals. This establishes TEXEL's solution as a strategic investment for the future, moving beyond traditional costs and the perpetual demand for supply.

STIRLING Technology

TEXEL has established itself as a global frontrunner in the realm of Stirling technology. Renowned for its scalability, this technology adeptly converts heat into electricity with high energy efficiency. It serves as a versatile solution in numerous applications, propelling the ongoing energy transition. Particularly in areas bereft of existing technological solutions, TEXEL's Stirling technology is paving the way for a sustainable future.

Flare Gases

With the aid of TEXEL's unique Stirling technology, we can scalably convert harmful excess gases from industrial processes and the petroleum industry into electricity with high efficiency. The technology is uniquely reliable in effectively utilizing very low-quality gas. The combustion process can remove close to 100% of the harmful particles in the excess gases. The technology has an emission payback time of 15-45 days.

Global Cooperations

TEXEL Energy was founded in Sweden but is built on global cooperation that extends across Europe, the USA, and Australia. New game-changing technology demands collaboration with the best in each specific field.

Examples of Collaborations

TEXEL was founded when all rights to a unique Stirling technology developed by Ford Motors in collaboration with the military submarine manufacturer Kockums were acquired. Shortly thereafter, TEXEL purchased Stirling Energy Systems and Maricopa Solar in Arizona, which evolved into a collaboration with the US Depertment of Energy's (DOE) Solar Laboratory, SANDIA National Laboratory, and subsequently an exclusive partnership with Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL), NASA, and Curtin University in Perth, Australia. The recent years have been marked by the acquisition of companies and technologies to achieve our goals.

Giga-Volume Production Required

TEXEL Energy must gear up for large-scale production to meet the immense market demand arising from the energy transition. Mass production of systems necessitates the mass production of components, where, naturally, collaborations with key suppliers are an essential element. In 2023, TEXEL acquired the assets of the Nasdaq-listed tech company Swedish Stirling, which not only contributed intellectual and physical assets but also added a production capacity of approximately 10,000 engines on an annual basis. Work is now underway to expand and establish this capacity in Europe and the USA.

Behind the Innovation

The concept and business model to create the TEXEL technology is built on global co-operation by bringing together the most experienced people, laboratories and companies in the world. The development and operation are supervised by the TEXEL team in Sweden, United States and United Kingdom.

Behind TEXEL

Lars Jacobsson – Founder & CEO

Mr. Lars Jacobsson is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, originating from the oil & gas industry with a focus on storage, shipping, and trading. He is credited with inventing the trading concept known as “oil contango.” In the early 2000s, Mr. Jacobsson co-founded The Perfect World Foundation, which concentrates on biodiversity, nature, and animal conservation. He has since established several green technology companies, including one that has been listed on Nasdaq. In 2010, he founded United Sun Systems, which evolved into TEXEL in 2018. Mr. Jacobsson is dedicated to the replacement of fossil fuels and holds several notable positions, including serving on the board of the World Sustainable & Development Forum and as an energy expert advisor to the European Union, contributing to initiatives like the European Green Deal and RePowerEU.

TEXEL Company Group Structure​

Over the years, with the aim of creating the optimal conditions to achieve the company’s objectives, which include R&D collaborations, financing, industrialization, and commercialization, TEXEL has developed a legal structure with corporate establishments in Sweden, the UK, and the USA.

TEXEL Energy Storage

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