TEXEL Hybrid Battery &
Energy Storage Technology

TEXEL is developing the next generation Hybrid Battery / Energy Storage technology, cost-effective, circular, sustainable, recyclable, scalable. TEXEL in combination with renewable energy, like solar, is not only cost-competitive to fossil fuels but also a technology that secures energy distribution 24/7/365. TEXEL is developed today to solve the energy problems of tomorrow. 

Market Segments &

TEXEL Stirling Converter

The TEXEL Stirling converter was originally developed by Ford Motors and the military submarine manufacturing company Kockum’s and was later acquired by TEXEL, that today owns all exclusive rights. The TEXEL V4-90 converter is by far the markets most developed. The converter converts thermal energy into electric energy.


TEXEL Battery Technology appointed “The success story beyond lithium-ion” by US Department of Energy

TEXEL has an exclusive license agreement with DOE and Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) on a Metal Hydride based thermochemical energy storage technology. In a report from DOE, the TEXEL technology is expected to be more than 90% more cost effective than Lithium-Ion in large scale energy storage solutions. Read More >

TEXEL & Curtin University, Perth, Australia in close cooperation