TEXEL Hybrid Battery &
Energy Storage Technology

TEXEL is developing the next generation Hybrid Battery / Energy Storage technology, cost-effective, circular, sustainable, recyclable, scalable. TEXEL in combination with renewable energy, like solar, is not only cost-competitive to fossil fuels but also a technology that secures energy distribution 24/7/365. TEXEL is developed today to solve the energy problems of tomorrow. 

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TEXEL Stirling Engine


TEXEL Battery Technology confirmed to outcompete other batteries by US Department of Energy

After years of research, development and evaluation of all energy storage solutions, TEXEL was finally partnering up with US Department of Energy’s (DOE) and Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL). In a report from DOE, where the TEXEL technology is compared with Lithium-Ion, the expectations are that the new battery will become more than 90% cheaper. Read More >

TEXEL Battery Technology & Curtin University, Australia