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An immediate problem

TEXEL Energy Storage in a global co-operation, including US Department of Energy, Savannah River National Laboratory, and Curtin University in Australia, is developing a game changing energy storage technology that moves beyond Lithium and that is competing head-to-head in combination with renewable energy technologies with fossil fuels.

“Cost effective and circular, recyclable energy storage is not only key to create a sustainable future but as well to obtain peace. Moving towards a fossil free future has become a matter of national and international security”.
– Lars Jacobsson, CEO & Founder TEXEL

What’s wrong with Energy Solutions today

We need to move away from energy produced by fossil fuels, which is a huge problem that heavily effects our climate as well as national and international security. We desperately need to find cost effective, scalable, and sustainable technical solutions to stop consuming our planets recourses. We need green solutions that can secure our energy demand also when the sun is not shining, or the wind is not blowing.

The unreliability of green energy production

Renewable energy, such as wind and solar power, need to be available even when the wind is not blowing, or the sun is not shining.

The unblance between production and demand of green energy

Peak production of green energy occurs during midday, while the highest demand of energy occurs in the afternoon and evening.

Energy production depending on fossil fuels

Today the energy systems are largely reliant on fossil fuels, leading to great vulnerability and enormous environmental impact.

This Energy Solution is available

The TEXEL Energy Storage technology is a cost-effective and sustainable solution with invaluable features for large-scale renewable energy storage and distribution, as listed below:

Circular & Sustainable

The TEXEL battery technology is close to 100% recyclable, doesn’t consume any of our earth’s resources or rare earth minerals during its lifetime, and has no cyclic degradation. This means that the technology also secures the long-term need of minerals and becomes an investment and resource for the future instead of a cost and a never-ending supply need

ending supply need

Guaranteed Energy Production

The TEXEL battery can be charged with any form of energy, such as electricity converted to heat, securing energy production when there is no solar or wind power produced. The unit can also be fueled with natural gas, wood pellets, liquid fuels, etc. to guarantee energy production.

Fast Charging & High Energy Density

The target charging time of the TEXEL battery technology has been set to less than 5 minutes. Furthermore, the technology has high energy density, 20–40 times higher than other thermal storage solutions such as molten salt and similar solutions to Lithium-Ion, with the target to be increased dramatically over the next few years.

Long Storage Duration & Scalable

The TEXEL battery stores energy with a thermochemical technology, enabling storage for over 100 years with minimal energy loss. The technology is scalable for applications from transportation, residential and industrial to microgrids and large-scale grids.

Energy Innovation Laboratory

TEXEL Energy Innovations Inc. is TEXEL’s new laboratory in South Carolina, US, created to further develop the TEXEL Energy Storage technology, a process where every single sub-component to the system will also get its own independent life.

Example. Independent life of Sub-Component

When we are developing the induction fast charging system, we are simultaneously looking at the possibility to use the induction technology to convert plastic to Hydrogen or Aviation Fuel. This new technology is placed in a subsidiary to TEXEL Energy Innovations Inc. named “Transition Energy Inc.”. Other examples of independent lives for certain sub-components are to use the Metal Hydrides also to store Hydrogen for other applications like cars, or the Metal Carbonates for Carbon Capture.

First Giga Factory

TEXEL Energy Storage is in the process entering its industrialisation fase with ongoing negotiations and planning for large-scale battery production. One factory will in phase one be able to produce 36GWh on a yearly basis, equal to 200.000 units.

Behind the Innovation

The concept and business model to create the TEXEL technology is built on global co-operation by bringing together the most experienced people, laboratories and companies in the world. The development and operation are supervised by the TEXEL team in Sweden, United States and United Kingdom.

Behind TEXEL

Lars Jacobsson – Founder & CEO

Mr Lars Jacobsson is an entrepreneur and philanthropist with his origin in the oil & gas industry with focus storage, shipping and trading. Inventor of the trading concept “oil contango”. In early 2000, Mr Jacobsson co-founded The Perfect World Foundation with focus on nature and animal conservation, and has since founded several green tech companies, with one listing on Nasdaq. In 2010, he founded United Sun Systems that became TEXEL in 2018. Mr. Jacobsson is committed to replace fossil fuels, is among others a member of the board at World Sustainable & Development Forum and energy expert advisor, to European Union in the context of European green deal and RePowerEU.

TEXEL Company Group Structure​

During the mission to develop the world’s most cost effective and sustainable energy storage solution, several new unique subcomponents have been developed over the years. In addition to serve as components for the TEXEL energy storage solution, these new innovations have been proven to solve several other problems in line with TEXEL´s core values to make our world a healthier and a more sustainable place. Please find below the TEXEL company group structure.

TEXEL Energy Storage

  1. TEXEL Energy Innovations Inc.

    1. TEXEL Carbon Capture Inc.